11 steps to a achieve your fitness goal

So you have decided to get rid of you some body weight and want to start your training and diet now.

With this good plan in mind I would like to give you 11 steps that will help you to achieve your goal.

1. Start today, not tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes, where change or breaking a habit is involved.

2. Develop a passion for what you want to achieve.

3. Do it for the most important person in your world. Do it for yourself! You will not succeed if you are doing it for someone else.

4. Write down your plan and follow the plan.

5. Set a time frame when you would like to reach your goal, but split it to some smaller goals. That will give you some success on the way to your final goal.

6. Determine the daily dose. Figure out what works for you.

7. Don’t quit just because you slip. Keep going, do never stop.

8. Post your goals and tell other people about you achievements. That will make sure that you will get feedback and have committed yourself to your goal.

9. It’s a day by day process. The goal will come nearer day by day. But it is a long way. Stick to your diet and workout and you will reach the finishing line.

10. Change other habits. Goals require change. Why not changing some other habits as well.

11. Celebrate your victory. You can be proud of yourself. And other will be proud on you.

And most importantly stick to your new habits, set new goals and you will be happy with your new lifestyle.

Stay strong and fit!


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