1158 pounds leg press

525 kg Legpress - click to enlarge
525 kg Legpress - click to enlarge

Finally, after 3 months constantly training I have reached my goal… I have done 525 kg (1158 pounds) on the legpress (see picture).

Today everything was just right. I was just waiting for the right moment to give it a try, but without risking an injury.

Had enough food and sleep. Motivation, visualization ( Thanks to Kevin Levrone, http://levronereport.com/?p=311 )
and aggression (Thanks to techno beats http://charlzero.co.za/wp-content/uploads/charlzero-ducktech.mp3 ) were just right.
No problems with the Achilles’ heel of my left leg.

After 6 sets of warming up with increasing weight the 525kg felt no to heavy at all. After the max set I dropped the weight down
to 350kg and started to laugh because the felt so light 😉

Next challenge is doing Barbell Full Squats with 180kg (397 pounds). My goal is to achive this end of September.

Also I found out that compared to last year I have dropped 8% body fat, but have almost reached the same winter weight of 93kg.

Overall goal is 85-87kg with about 13% body fat. End of August I will start the definition diet again and want you to join me!

Ans some motivational video as always:

Ronnie Coleman doing 2300 Lb on the Leg Press


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