Before I tell you the 12 Top Reasons I would like to tell you my network story here in Cape Town.

In 2007 I started by accident a business network in Cape Town. Actually I was new in Cape Town and my goal was to meet some people.

I invited about 5 people via email and asked them to bring friends and partners. The first event was in December 2007 in a nice beer garden in Gardens with 11 people. We had a very funny evening and decided to meet again 4 weeks later. This was the start to a kind of success story.

I started to use the social network plattform www.xing.com to invite more people and opened a Cape Town Group on XING ( http://www.xing.com/net/prib1fdd4x/forum-kapstadt/ ) and created a own website ( http://social-network.co.za/ ). From that moment on people started joining the network every day. In 2008 I became the official XING Ambassador for Cape Town.

This gave another boost and today we have more than 3000 networkers in the network. (Now I have more friends than ever and became a network guru in town… 😉 )

Goal was to meet at least once a month and I started the so called XING Life Network Events, every last Thursday in Cape Town. This month we will have the 32. Life Network Event at the Mount Nelson Hotel in cape Town.

I always choose another venue to keep it interesting. In 2008 JĂźrgen joined as Co Moderator and he started the Saturday Brunches at the Fire & Ice Hotel. Beside of this we did a Golf tournament, Cricket events, Wine tastings and much more. In July 2010 we started the same concept in Johannesburg. ( https://www.xing.com/net/prib1fdd4x/joburg-forum/ )

The network is an exchange platform for members, who are living in, moving to or are interested in South Africa. Joining the group opens plenty of opportunities, friendships and business relationships and open a new way of living in South Africa, either on Cape Town or Johannesburg. Our credo is “Very good business needs very good connections!”

Running the network is a fair amount of work, but also fun. The network is not making money and it is not the intention to do so. It only can work because I can use some of my time as Marking Director of Intergate Immigration Service ( http://intergate-immigration.com/ – Immigration to Australia, South Africa, Canada) to manage the network and organize the events.

And this is a very lucky situation as everybody benefits from it, a real Win/Win situation. And to be honest we are getting some business out of it as well, but isn’t this the idea of a network?

So here are the 12 reasons why I thing you should attend either the South Africa Social & Business Network or any other network.


  1. Promote your Business
  2. Stay Informed
  3. Meet other local business people within your niche.
  4. Collect business cards, contacts and other business materials
  5. Exchange business building ideas
  6. Enjoy a nice evening with nice people
  7. Stay Visible
  8. Expand your business network with interesting people
  9. Meet Friends, have fun
  10. Visit and learn about new venues, bars, restaurants in Cape Town
  11. Meet foreigners – learn more about other cultures

and finally…

12. There’s booze

So do not wait and join our group and get your email invitations. Sign up here, it is free: http://social-network.co.za/

Do you have more reasons or would you like to share you experience with networking events? Feel free to leave a comment.

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