150 kg squat done on the road to 180 kg squats

Another day in the gym. And a quick workout it was, but intense. I had my leg workout and as you might know the goal is 180 kg squats within the next 2 months.

I did 150 kg squats today and had 3 reps. A first feeling for the heavy weight. As I am trying to strengthen also the lower back and supporting muscles I had no major problems so far. Actually I make more progress than I tought. So I keep going on slowly and do not force me to put on too much weight at this point of time.

I am strictly on my bulk up diet, but have reached a bit of plateau yet. I will stick to the calorie intake and do not increase it, as I would otherwise gain to much fat. Meanwhile I am back to 30 min cardio on the stationary bike per day. Might be a reason why the weight gain had stopped. I am at 94 kg and will go up to 98kg.

General condition is very good. I keep it with Kevin Levrone and visualize my goal of 180kg squats.

I found a video on youtube to give you an idea of 150 kg squats.

Have a look


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