180 kg / 400 lbs Barbell Squat – the next goal

Ok Folks, 525kg leg press are done. The next goal is a full 180 kg (400 lbs, pounds) Barbell Squat. I will concentrate on this goal for the next 3 to 4 months and hope to reach it. I will start tomorrow with the first workout routine and guess the maximum weight I can do is about 100-120kg. This will be a tough road this time, as I always hated Barbell Squats anyway. I will focus on the right technique to avoid possible back problems and will use my weightlifting belt.

Remember many people regard squats as the most effective exercise for muscle gain. It as an overall influence on muscle growth.

Maybe just for the books with what measures I start:

Height 183 cm (Do not expect that this will change 😉 )

Weight 92 kg

Body Fat: 17,5%

Lets compare this and see if I can get the body fat down and the weight up 😉

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