22 Food Habits for a Healthy Lifestyle

22 Food and Eating Habits for a Healthy Lifestyle


  1. Try to eat colorful.
  2. This means that the more colors the food on your plate has the better. Example: Sandwich: Salad (green), Tomato (red), full wheat toast (brown), low fat cheese (yellow), egg and low fat mayo (white)
  3. Your meals (lunch, dinner) should always
  4. include a source of protein and carbohydrates and some vegetables.
  5. The size of the carbohydrates and protein part should always be smaller than your fist. Example: portion of rice < size of your fist and chicken breast < size of your open palm
  6. Don’t skip breakfast!
  7. You should always have some vegetables or salad with every lunch or dinner.
  8. You should eat at least 6 times as day, about every 3-4 hours. You need to eat, do not skip the meals. We want a constant blood sugar level over the day. This will prevent you from starving and having hunger attacks. So again, do not skip your meals and mid-morning or mid-afternoon snacks. You have to eat to lose fat!
  9. Try to prepare your food in advance, e.g. in the evening for the next day. Then your day will be more stress free. Always have some backup diet protein bars or fruit with you.
  10. You should drink lots of water: 2-3 liters a day. You will eat less and get rid of toxins in your body.
  11. Try to drink water in place of soft drinks and other flavored beverages.
  12. If you have a business lunch chose something from the menu that will fit your new habits. There are always some chicken and plain vegetables on the menu. Or just ask the waiter to ask the kitchen to prepare something for you.
  13. Do not drink any soft-drinks, fruit juices, full fat milk
  14. Avoid excess amounts of alcohol, like beer, wine, etc.
  15. Avoid food with added sugars
  16. Consider eating organic
  17. Don’t buy processed or junk food
  18. You can drink as much (sugar-free) coffee or tea as you like.
  19. Do not add additional salt or sodium to your food.
  20. Do not eat carbohydrates in the evening after 7.00 pm. For late night craving make yourself a protein smoothie.
  21. Don’t drink diet sports or energy drinks.
  22. Don’t store unhealthy food in your home. You can’t eat what you don’t buy!

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