28 reasons for being single


Here is the Top 28 List of reasons, why it is better to be single. Tell us you favorite reasons!!!

  1. You get to go wherever you want and do whatever you want
  2. You can flirt whenever you like
  3. You can focus on your job
  4. You eat what you want and when you want
  5. You can listen to real music like ZZ Top and as loud as you like
  6. Nobody questions your late hours and your garlic smell
  7. The remote control is all yours and you can switch channels as often as you like
  8. Your money don’t have to be split
  9. You don’t have to deal with another’s strange personal habits
  10. You don’t have to deal with moodiness
  11. You can gain weight without worrying
  12. You can control your finances
  13. Relationships mean loss of party-life
  14. You don’t have to spend endless hours shopping for stuff that you do not need
  15. You’ll never waste time in a shoe shop
  16. You never know who you’ll have sex with next
  17. No one is keeping track of how much money you spend on your car, DVD’s etc
  18. You can drink straight from the milk carton
  19. The toilet seats stays open
  20. You don’t have to wait for someone for hours
  21. No waste of energy because of jealousy
  22. The bathroom is free when you need it
  23. No one who uses sex as a weapon against you
  24. You do not need to go shopping, just because it is Saturday
  25. You can fill the fridge with beer, cheese and all kind of stuff you really like
  26. Steven Seagal and Jackie Chan are best friends on your TV
  27. Things do not need to have names in your flat
  28. Your flat can be plant free
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