3 Critical Steps for Diet Success

Pizza for Diet?
Pizza for Diet?

I am on my summer diet now for about 2 weeks.

As you might know from my book “The Quick Guide – How to Lose Fat and Shape your Body” I use a 6 days on / one day off schedule. In other words I stick religiously to diet for 6 days a week and one day is my cheat day.

On that day I am allowed to everything what I want and as much as I want. I call it a reward day.

In the first 2 weeks have not taken my reward day. And was on full diet today as well. Which in other words means I eat every 3 hours, up to 6 times a day.

So tonight I had the feeling I needed to have something special and ordered a large chicken pizza. And it was great. Actually it was too much….

So what are the 3 critical steps to make my diet work?

1. Discipline

I really to not cheat during the 6 diet days. I only eat what I am supposed to eat. And I only buy what I need.

2. Shopping

I buy and store only food that I am allowed to eat in my house. You will not find chips, chocolate or whatever. This prevents me of cheating when I am craving for unhealthy food. And for the reward day I either go out for dinner or I order something.

3. Set your goals and do not overdo it

Set you goals and set small goals in between. They are easier to reach and will give you some success along the way to your final goal. And as long as you are not planning to compete on a bodybuilding stage you can take you cheat / rewards day without problems. Your goal might only be delayed a few days. And it is good for you motivation as well.

By the way: I have lost about 2% bodyfat in the first two weeks already.

I would be delighted if you leave a comment and let me know what you see as critical for your diet success.

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