30 Minute Chest Workout Routine

Yesterday I had officially a shoulder workout on my plan, but switched to a chest workout instead. I ended up with a very good training session with a very classic training routine.

I started with machine bench presses (2 sets warm up, 4 work sets a 10 reps, increasing weight).

Thet very pullovers ath the machine (4×10), incline bench press at the machine (3×10), cable cross overs (4×10) and finally 2 sets of machine bench presses.

The whole chest training did take about 25 minutes. I tried to make max 2 min rest between sets and went straight from one exercise to the next.

You might think no free weights, too many reps? Yes and no. Actually I am a strong beliver in free weights, as these exercises use a lot of small muscle areas to stabilize the main muscle group that you are training. But on the other hand you can greatly concentrate on certain muscle areas while working with a machine.

As you know I try to change my routine (workout plan) constantly to shock the muscles every time and do not allow them to adopt to a certain training.

What was different with this chest training. First I did machines only, secondly I trained with very slowly and concentraded movement. So I could fully concentrate on the muscle. Actually it worked very nicely as I had very sore chest muscles today.

After the chest workout I did a biceps routine with barbels.

Here a nice video with another very classic chest workout routine. Have a look.

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