4 Tips to Recover from Holiday Overeating

Holiday Overeating: What To Do
Holiday Overeating: What To Do

After the holidays, you might find yourself digging through your closet for clothes that can forgive the overindulgence you put yourself through.

The effect of eating too much holiday food can be very stressful on your body. It may leave you feeling bloated, tired, and remorseful about how much you’ve gained. Fear not, though.

This 4 tips will help you get back on track after a holiday session of pigging out.

1. Get your Blood Pumping

It’s not necessary, or even practical, to hit the gym hard and begin a strenuous exercise regimen. In fact, the last thing you want to do is stress your body even more than the holidays have already done. Instead, start with some light walking. Even just five or ten minutes a day can get your blood flowing and perk up your mood.  If you fell up to, you can increase your active time or push harder with exercises.

2. Hydrate

Most likely, the bloated feeling that’s got you tired is from a huge amount of salt in the foods you ate. The bloating is caused from retaining water. It may seem counter-intuitive to drink more water to get rid of water retention. However, it’s the salt you need to cleanse. So, get more water in your body to flush it out.

3. Eat Smaller Meals

During the holiday season, you’re often presented with many choices for empty calories: cookies, cakes, breads, and other treats. These type of foods will actually increase your level of hunger because they lack proper nutrients. So, choose meals that naturally contain more vitamins and minerals. Vegetables, soups, and salad are a great way to satisfy your hunger craving while giving your body what it needs.

4. Get Rid of Leftovers

If you finished the holiday season with 8 pounds of Turkey and 3 pounds of dressing in the refrigerator, then you’re probably tempted to not waste it. However, that’s not going to help you in your goal to get back on track. If there’s still a giant box of cookies, give them away to the neighbors. Otherwise, your holiday season really isn’t over from an eating perspective.

These 4 tips can really help you to get back on track after the holidays. If you follow them, you’ll soon find yourself feeling energetic and proud again.

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