6 Tips to get the lifestyle you want without spending much


Most everyday people are struggling to get by in today’s economy. Most would like to save money but do not know how or do not feel that they have the time to save.

Compiled here is  a list of six easy ways to save money in these times of hardship.

There are put together with the hopes that they will make life easier for you, show you how to save in different areas of your life so that you can reduce your stress level, pay your bills on time, ensure that you have food on the table, and maybe even a little extra pocket money to do something nice for yourself and your loved ones.
Tip #1-Coupon Clipping

-Get a sales paper out of your local newspaper. Clip the coupons for “only” items that you would normally shop for. Check online for your local grocery store and see what is going on sale each and every week. It is very beneficial to use your coupons at the same time your favorite items and foods are discounted! Double Bonus! How cool is that?! Some stores still accept double coupon days; check with your local grocer to see which grocery stores near you still accept and promote this. You do not have to be a coupon crazed person to save money. Whatever you manage to save, why not open up a savings account and make a weekly or monthly deposit from your grocery savings. Cha Ching!

Tip #2-Create a Budget

-So many people could save so much money if they just created a budget. Too many of us just freely spend our money on things we “think” we need. It is fine to spend the extra money if you have it but let’s first determine what you have before going all crazy on those super sexy shoes at the store. Take a piece of paper or get a notebook and label it “my monthly budget”. First off, write down your monthly income. Next, you will subtract all of your “monthly” expenditures to include: utilities, housing, insurance, medical, gas, child care, etc. Now whatever is left over will be your expendable income. At this point you must decide,  how much do I want to save and how much do I want to spend on extras such as going to the movies, out to eat, or shopping. That is entirely up to you. I would suggest to do this monthly and at least put away something into your savings account.

Tip#3-Gas Guzzlers Beware

Another way to save money is not drive, but we all know thats virtually impossible. We need transpoartation to get to and from important places. Here are some helpful tips on how to save on gas: do all of your errands on the same day, find the cheapest gas prices, use gas stations that offer discounts such as a bulk discount store for example, drive a gas efficient car, plan your trips in advance, fill up your tank “all” the way and lastly, keep your car well maintained.

Tip#4-Shop Smart Not Hard

If you have a larger family, buy all of your non perishable items in bulk. It saves money in the long run and saves on gas as well. Think about this, the less often you go to the store, the less likely you are to spend money. Also, when shopping look for generic brands. “Usually” generic brands are just as good as name brands and much more cost effective.

Tip #5-

There is a big difference between need and want as I have learned. And there is nothing wrong with want as long as your needs are met. If you want an item but need something else, always spend the money on the need first and foremost. The want can be purchased at a later time. (See tip #2) 🙂

Tip#6-Gift Giving

We all know that gift giving can be a major expnse. Why not try a home made gift. You do not have to be particulary crafty or have a special innate skill. Get in touch with your creative side! I know you can do it! There are lots of websites with gift making and gift giving ideas if you are at a loss. I know personally, home made gifts have always touched my heart. If you absolutely can not think of a homemade gift, try to get your gift at a reasonable price and shop online using Ebay or Amazon. Alot of times you can get new and used items at discounted prices and sometimes they have free or supersaving shipping which absolutely rocks!

With the help of these six tips, you are well on your way to getting the life that you deserve. Good Luck and let that money roll!

Guest post by Cassidy Banks. She loves fine items, but her budget does not. To save money on important expenses, such as her dental insurance, she checks out dentalinsurance.net for a great deal.

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