A car that you can’t buy. I tested it for you!

Kia Cee'd Sportswagon, a mid-sized estate
Kia Cee’d Sportswagon, a mid-sized estate

Yes, I am a petrol head and like Top Gear. As pretty much every other guy. So it seems logical that I always wanted to write a blog article about a car.

Now I am the proud driver of a 8 year old VW Golf and a car review & road test of this vehicle comes probably a decade to late.

The dealers of Supercars in South Africa do not know about Cape Town Active and their unique chance to promote their cars on our website. Beside of this I doubt that our readers can effort Supercars like Ferrari. (Me neither).

That leaves me in the trouble of having the motivation, but not having the car to write about. A misery that recently changed.

Here is the story.

My girlfriend and I where in Europe and had a brand new rental car. So you have to read about this car. Yawn, how boring you might think, but wait you might me entertained.

The car we got was a Kia Cee’d Sportswagon, a mid-sized estate. Now after our return I found out that this car is not on the market in South Africa. So this car review is about something that you can not buy (yet).

So point 1 of a successful car review is done: exclusivity.

We saw the car and I must say it is the Cee’d is remarkably stylish. After climbing inside we found ourselves inside a Notebook PC. Yes, the vehicle is generous equipment.

The car has more gadgets than you can imagine. It starts with classy TFT dials, that keep you entertained and ends with buttons we struggle to find out their purpose. It took us the whole weekend to play around with the electronics ;-).

After starting the car I was a bit surprised that the seat starting moving forward and I ended up squeezed between the steering wheel and the seat.. to the fun of my girlfriend. So the idea is that when you stop the engine the seat will go backwards to simplify getting in and out of the car. And when you start the car the seat moves in its driving position. Nice idea… I hated it, but maybe I am just oldschool. Beside of this you will find a spacious boot and a quality interior.

Now we also drove quite a bit. The car had a 1,4 litre machine and automatic transmission. Real sports car feeling did not come through, but it was fast enough for the city. On the German Autobahn the car did about 175km and the automatic was driving me nuts because it could not decide if gear 5 or 6 was more suitable. So it shifted every 5 seconds… poor little thing. For sure not a sports car.

Overall the ride and handling is good, it remains very composed around town and at higher speeds. So no complains here.

The car was a little thirsty, but that might be also my driving style and the fact that had some luggage with us. The car itself seemd for me a bit heavy, or put it the other way around the engine a little small for the car. So it had to work quite hard, which made it noisy as well.

Beneath it all it’s a secure, grippy and stable vehicle. I found out that Kia cee’d Sportswagon was named by the Diesel Car magazine “Best Estate Car 2012”.

So point 2 of a successful car review is done: facts.

So what is the Kia cee’d Sportswagon like? One Word: Impressive. This car comes for a affordable price, offers everything you would expect and has a 7 year guarantee.

Still one problem: You can’t buy it in South Africa 😉

So that was our first, and probably last car review. Unless you are a car manufacturer or dealer and want us to test drive your vehicle.

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