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Sign up for the Dream Lunch
Sign up for the Dream Lunch


Next week Saturday (8 May), Chef Chris Erasmus (Foliage) and Chef Margot Janse (The Tasting Room) will join hands to cook up a Dream Lunch to test the world’s cleanest stove: the Mimi Moto. Guests are treated to dishes prepared on this revolutionary stove, while at the same time, supporting the dream of

Guests are treated to dishes prepared on this revolutionary stove, while at the same time, supporting the dream of organizer from Clean Cooking for All: access to clean cooking for all.

But there’s more: the Dream Lunch isn’t just a dream because of its delicious food prepared by two of SA’s top chefs. Life coach Tarryn Tomlinson (Bambini Dream Foundation) and host Huub van Zwieten (founder of Clean Cooking for All) will challenge the guests to connect to their own dreams too. The challenge: imagine what your life would look like if there were no limitations on what you can and want to achieve in or contribute to the world. During the 3-course interactive lunch, guests will learn about how to achieve their own dreams as well as how Clean Cooking for All is planning to achieve theirs. At the end of the lunch some unique prizes will be raffled amongst the guests.

Clean Cooking for All
Clean Cooking for All is an organization with a mission to make clean cooking accessible to all. For this, they are selling a cooking stove designed by Dutch designer Anne Osinga. It was awarded Best Stove by the UN Global Alliance for Clean Cooking. It is cleaner, safer, cheaper and healthier to cook using this stove, compared to paraffin or electric stoves used in the townships nowadays. Because of a clever funding-program, the stove itself is affordable for the end-user. Its fuel is made from compressed wood pellets, that are not only much cheaper, but most importantly: do not give off any toxic fumes.

Sign up for the Dream Lunch
When and where: Saturday 8 May, Foliage Restaurant in Franschhoek.
Time: 12.30
Tickets: http://cleancookingrevolution.com/foliage-dreamlunch-may-8th-2016/.

For the latest information of the Clean Cooking for All activities in South Africa, please follow @cleancookingrevolution on Facebook and see the website www.cleancooking.co.za.


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