A Fitness Sunday in Cape Town

What a great Cape Town spring day. This weekend was soo nice and the weather really great. Lots of sun 😉

Today I had a bit of a fitness Sunday. I started with a walk in Hout Bay. A very nice dogwalk is the Rocket Road trail that leads to the wreckage of the Bos 400 ship. It takes about 1 hour from the car and back.

After that I went to visit the so called “South Africa’s only encompassing premium health, wellness & lifestyle event – the Look & Feel Good expo” at the Cape Town Congress Center. The event was a bit disappointing. Only one exhibition hall and not really what I have expected. I left the expo after 20 min again.

Next was the daily visit to the gym. Today another leg training towards the goal of doing 180kg squats. I did some reps with 160kg and it went much better than last time. So the final goal is coming nearer.

Then I tried the so called Virgin Life Care HealthZone which is basically a tool that measures you body fat, your weight and your blood presure. Since a short while we have to of this stations at the Virgin Active Garden in Cape Town. I was curouis to find out how got they are balanced and tried both. And this gave a big surprise.

Within 15 meters from one station to another I gained 800 gramm in weight, lost 3% of body fat and my blood pressure came from 107/83 to 120/80 or so. Very strange isn’t it? So I can not really trust these machines and would rather consider to buy an own device. Maybe Virgin Active can recommend me someting more reliable?

To finish my fitness Sunday I did another dog walk in the De Waal Park.

I really like these laid back Cape Town Sundays 😉

How was your weekend? Let me know. Have a good one.

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