A lucky winner.

A lucky winner - TT Mbha
A lucky winner – TT Mbha

Remember the LUX* Reality Show competition we posted a while ago (if not you can look it up here)?

We can now announce the lucky winner:

The LUX* Reality Show will now follow the adventures of TT Mbha and his three best friends as they explore the very best of VIP island living in Reunion and Mauritius. Six episodes will be filmed as they enjoy the splendor of LUX* Resorts, and will then be shown on Ster Kinekor screens for six weeks during the month of June.

According to TT, he and his friends are “addicted to fun and the good life is our hobby”, ensuring that the LUX* Reality Show will be the fun, dynamic and awesome spectacle cinema-goers expect.

“The best holiday I’ve ever had before this was in Miami at the annual music conference,” TT told us during his audition entry form, “it was an experience of a life time with loads of fun, music and partying.“

But now TT will get to live the dream and experience ten days of luxurious island living, the soon-to-be reality show star thinks his stay with LUX* Resorts is going to top his Miami experience, and then some!

“I love the good life and celebrating good things,” he told us, “Life is good!”

Watch this space for updated news on TT Mbha and his friends’ upcoming island life escapades in the LUX* Reality Show. Or follow him on twitter @ttmbha

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