Diet Phase 2- Adjusted Slow Carb Diet

Now I am down to 14 % body fat. A bit later this year as schedules, as I had some visitors in Cape Town and this always ends in restaurants and having some more beer as planed.

From yesterday I am back in full swing when it comes to diet. The workout plan has been already adjusted a few days before.

So where are the changes? As you as might know from previous posts and my ebook “How to Lose Fat and Shape your Body” I am eating up to 7 times a day on a low fat, medium carb, medium protein diet. This will not change much, but I will try out some new ideas that Tim Ferriss brought up in his book 4-Hour Body.

  • First I will try to check out his “No white food” rule.
  • I will try the lentils, bean idea.
  • I will change my breakfast to pure protein.

As other things that he suggests and recommends are already part of my diet since months and do work. And to be honest they are not really new. If you compare what he writes to what is general knowledge in fitness and natural bodybuilding there are no real surprising news in it. But I guess he did not write his book as a handbook for bodybuilders anyway. And he admits that he got some of his know how from them anyway. So kudos to Tim Ferris.

So here how a day will look like.

6 am – 1st breakfast (protein drink)

7 am – workout or hike

8.30 am – 2nd breakfast 5 egg withes, 1 yolk, low GI bread, coffee, vitamines, CLA

12.30 pm – lunch: chicken breast or tuna, beans or lentils

4 pm – protein shake

5 pm – handful of nuts

6.30 pm – dinner/supper: beef, vegetables

9 pm – plain yoghurt

Beside of this only water and coffee.

I do not a post workout meal and I stick to 6 days of diet and 1 reward day where I can eat and drink whatever I like.

Changes in training:

I change from a 5 time training a week with doing 1-2 body parts (6 days on, 1 off) to a more mixed workout with supersets and new combinations like: shoulder, biceps, chest abs on one day and back, legs, calves, triceps on the other days. I will do this twice a week.

  • 30 minutes cardio 4 times a week at night at stationary bike.
  • 2-3 hikes with the dog with at least 1 hour (nothing new here.)
  • I might start some swimming as well… thought that I do not like it much..

As you can see this are really small changes and I will see if this will bring my body fat down. I am aware that it is easier to come from 19% down to 14% as from 14% to 12% but I am positive that I will reach that goal within 6-8 weeks.

Stay fit 😉

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