An ipad game tip “The Room”

The Room
The Room

I am not much of a gamer, but this one really got me hooked. It is called “The Room” and me and my girlfriend were attached to it until we solved the whole game.

It is a bit addictive. Beside of this it is beautiful designed and has a scary background music. What is the game about? Well, basically it is a sort of puzzle where you have to solve tasks on a secret machine.

And you really need to stretch your brain.

Nevertheless when you get stuck a help button will give you an idea on how to proceed.

The game is not available in the South African itunes store yet, but in the UK itunes store it is. You can reach it with the below (affiliate) link.

The game was #1 App in US, #1 App in UK and game in 19 other countries. So it is not only us who like it.

The site TouchGen wrote this testimonial: “This is one of the games at the pinnacle of what we know the iPad to be capable of. A must have for the iPad”

So give it a try, you will not regret it.

The Room - Fireproof Games

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