Another day on the way – Training 08. Dec 2009

This was a weird day. After the reward relay day yesterday I had a good start in the gym this morning.

I had a high intensity 20 min stationary bike training and a 15 min run on the treadmill. As always on empty stomach and at 7.00h in the morning. A real good fat burning wake up training.

At 8.00h I had my breakfast, as always oatmeal with fat free milk and a coffee.

The I had a long business meeting from 10.00 to 16.00. And there is went wrong today. No real food, only a bit of a chocolate muffin and no lunch. Not a good combination. So I missed 3 meals and ended up starving and with a bad mood. At 17.00 I was able to inhale some weight protein shake and some quick absorbing carbs.

Learn a lesson from this, always have some diet or protein bars. So when your bloodsugar goes down, you can have some quick energy from this.

Tonight I will have a high protein, mid carb and low fat meal.

Tomorrow I will have my beloved back and bizep training workout.  Looking forward to this.

And a nice web tip for you. Learn from a ex professional bodybuilder about visualization and training: Kevin Levrone. He has nice Video Blog:

Let me know, if you like it.

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