Appreciate Indigenous Cape Flora with a Fynbos Safari

Take yourself on a Fynbos safari
Take yourself on a Fynbos safari

We might have passed the midpoint of 2014, but we don’t have to wait until New Year’s Eve to make a resolution. If you love Cape Town and its surrounding districts, perhaps now is the time to expand your appreciation of this wondrous part of the world.

Let’s start learning about the fascinating nature that surround us, and experiencing it first-hand.

The Cape Floral Kingdom Expo

Visitors to the Cape Floral Kingdom Expo, held in Bredasdorp’s Mega Park this August, can expect a unique overview of the natural wonders that have made this region famous. This illustrious event educates local and international patrons about the Cape’s natural habitats, from the prickly Renosterveld to the fascinating Fynbos family.

South Africa, and the Cape area in particular, boasts some of the rarest and most fascinating species of plants, insects and birds in the world. The Cape Floral Kingdom Expo provides a peak at over 1000 of the Cape’s most celebrated plant species, many of which are rare or endangered – don’t miss it.

Make learning about nature an adventure

If you haven’t experienced the Cape’s breath-taking biodiversity first hand, why wait another second? Weekend getaways, day trips, hikes and nature drives are all great ways of submerging yourself in the natural wonders that surrounds us.

A trip to see the Klein Karoo’s famous succulents or the iconic Afromontane forests along our coasts will soon have you hooked on exploring every natural aspect the Cape has to offer.

Take yourself on a Fynbos safari

Even Cape Town itself is a treasure trove of indigenous wonder. Just grab a field guide and a few snacks, head up to Silvermine and settle in for a fun day of engaging in nature. Although a 4×4 vehicle will give you more access to the nooks and crannies of Table Mountain, any vehicle can get you close enough to some epic Protea bushes for a closer look.

While you’re there, keep an eye out for the array of sunbirds and sugarbirds unique to the Fynbos system. You’ll soon be mesmerised by these tiny and beautiful creatures as they dart from flower to flower. Here’s a hint – bakkie canopies make great portable bird watching huts. All you have to do is switch the engine off, get in the back and keep your camera ready.

Appreciating the natural wonders of the Cape is an easy, affordable and educational way to spend your free time. Let’s make a mid-year resolution to see every fascinating eco-system the Cape region has to offer and turn learning about the beauty that surrounds us into a priority today.

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