Ard Matthews: Debut solo album “First Offerings”

Ard Matthews
Ard Matthews

Ard Matthews is known as one of South Africa`s most prolific singer/songwriters. His heartfelt music and dynamic stage performances have inspired people both locally and internationally.

As the front man of South African band Just Jinjer, his indelible lyrics and melodic arrangements led the way to the success of their debut album title ‘All Comes Round’, which became one of the biggest selling albums of all time in South Africa in their genre.

In 2010 a decision was made to pursue a solo album, and so began an extensive writing process which took Ard all over the world and around South Africa – from sailing around the Mafia Islands, to visiting India on an extended trip in February 2012. 

The album draws on many themes and thoughts and was recorded over a period of many months, with the last few penned at his beach house in Durban where he now lives with his canine companion Jeff.

“This album has been a diary of my life in a way. It is a musical depiction of where I’ve been over the last couple of years, and I’m really excited to share it with you all. I hope that the public are ready to listen to raw, unpretentious, brutally honest music, because that is what this is about ” says Ard of the album. “It also turns out that the general theme is love again, I guess that’s just me – no point in changing that now, right? While trends and fashions come and go, love always prevails.”

The live band that will represent this album is called The Ard Matthews Affair and features Ard on vocals and bass guitar accompanied by an all star line-up that currently consists of John Ellis (Tree 63) on guitar and Josh Klynsmith (Gangs of Ballet) on drums.

Upcoming shows:

Ard Matthews` debut solo album “First Offerings” will be released in stores on the 30th July 2012.  For fans that cannot wait, the album can be streamed and is available for download in any format on Ard`s web store at

Social media:

Twitter: @ardmatthews Hashtag: #FirstOfferings.

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