Back to the gym on Tuesday

I have not blogged over the weekend. Reasons for this: We had our corporate xmas function last Friday. My dog was badly bitten on Saturday morning and the gym was closed due to the storm on Sunday because the roof was gone. Have a look at this

So I had only walks over the weekend. But wait.. From time to time you should give your body a break anyway. So I was on my strict diet and training plan since 4. August and followed the plan almost 100%.

I always say that your body takes what he needs. So it is not a bad idea after a long time being strictly focused to take a break and give your body and mind a chance to recover. But only a few days and then head back to the gym and hit the iron even harder.

I am pretty sure that after a couple of days you can to wait to go back anyway. I always become grumpy if I can not workout.

I hope that now as the summer holidays have started and the Point gym is open again after renovation, my Gym in Cape Town Gardens is not that fully packed anymore.

So by tomorrow I am back on track and will go for 12% bodyfat in January. Join me on this mission. Let me know about your goals.

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