A typical back workout

Today I had a typical back workout for strength and mass.

3 sets x 8 reps Cable Pulldown to warm up

4 x 8-10 Barbell Underhand Bent-over Row

3 x 6 Lever T-bar Row

4 x 8-10 Cable Pulldown (neutral grip)

4 x 8 Cable One Arm Seated Row

And I added a triceps workout to this

4 x 10 Assisted Triceps Dip

4 x 10 Lever Triceps Dip

4 x 10 Dumbbell Triceps Extension

3 x 8 Cable Pushdown

All exercises are available here. http://www.exrx.net/Lists/Directory.html

The whole training took about 45 minutes. I did not pause a lot between the set to keep the heartbeat above 85 bpm.

As I had a bit of a cold today. I was feeling weak in the beginning, was sweating like a … and feeling a bit wobbly. But overall it was a great workout and it seems that the cold does not like my body much as I am feeling better now.

I have gained about 2-3 kg within the last 3 weeks. So my mass training diet and the change of the training / exercise programme is doing well.

Tomorrow I will have an intense 30 min cardio training. Hope to get rid of the rest of the cold.

Have a good start into the week and let me know what your next goals are. Maybe I can help 😉

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