Day 1 on the road to 180kg Barbell Squat

Just a quick update.

This was the first training day towards 180kg / 400lbs Barbell Squats. Here the training routine:

Smith Squat

5 sets with increasing weights, reps from 12 down to 6

Barbell Straight Leg Deadlift

4 sets with increasing weights, 8 reps each

Lever Standing Leg Curl

4 sets with max weights

Lever Leg Extension

4 sets, increasing weight, 6-8 reps

And do not forget to strech to end the training with.

I will try to start very slowly and build up strength step by step. There is no hurry and risk of injury can be quite high.

Also I will incorporate Stabilizers and Antagonist Stabilizers (muscles that influence the stability of the core muscles) in the training.

You will see that I will drop sets and reps over the time and go from a classic bodybuilding routine into a more Powerlifting Program. See an example here:

It will be a long and though road 😉 Join me and do not forget to follow me on Twitter.

Tipps on training and nutrition are welcome.

Stay fit 😉

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