Best beaches in Cape Town and what they offer

Best beaches in Cape Town and what they offer
Best beaches in Cape Town and what they offer

Summer is finally back in the Southern hemisphere. And with that comes trips to the beach. Cape Town has some of the most renowned beaches in the world and it’s worth examining what they offer before heading off and spending the day with the family in the wrong one.

Saying Cape Town beaches are some of the best isn’t some Capetonian bias. As IOL highlights, 27 of the Western Cape’s beaches received the international Blue Flag stamp of approval for 2014. This is not some idle personal award, we South Africans or Capetonian’s give out – but a difficult to acquire award that demands strict criteria.

“Blue Flag is an international award given to beaches that meet strict criteria for cleanliness, water and sand quality, as well environmental education and management. The criteria are set by the Foundation for Environmental Education, the international co-ordinators of the Blue Flag campaign in Europe. In South Africa it is headed by the Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa.

More than 40 countries are part of the programme with more than 4 000 Blue Flag beaches worldwide.”

These award-winning beaches then are worth highlighting.

Camps Bay is renowned for its beauty, cleanliness and being closely situated to one of the most expensive areas in Cape Town. It often hosts international events, such as volley ball tournaments, has a distinctly Mediterranean feel and has an accessibility to its waters that means it caters to a large variety of tastes.

Clifton 4th, the beach with notoriously ice-cold water, it has many similarities to Camps Bay. People from diverse backgrounds all mingle in this wonderfully open space. Unfortunately, Clifton is not freely accessible to those with physical disabilities – so be wary of this as well as parking limitations. Though it is very beautiful and incredibly open, you should be aware of these kinds of limitations.

Muizenberg Beach however is a very long beach, with plenty of public parking. This is a highly popular space for families, as there are playgrounds for children nearby, as well plenty of safe areas in which families can gather. Further, with the large amount of parking availability more and bigger families can find easy access to the wide space – without feeling squashed in by others. With surfing, put-put, and other fun activities, Muizenberg is a great all-rounder for families not wanting to feel targeted because of their size.

However, if you are a visitor to these spaces, you do still need other kinds of spaces. For example, if you’re visiting Sea Point beaches and promenades, you should look at a hotel in Greenpoint, or several, more expensive options in Sea Point itself. Green Point is also central enough that you can get to good beaches like Camps Bay and Clifton without much hassle, though Muizenberg is some distance away.

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