Best Cape Town Sushi Restaurant

Cape Town Sushi Restaurants
Cape Town Sushi Restaurants

Cape Town has a lot of restaurant and bars that offer Sushi and Japanese Food.

And as Cape Town has two oceans in front of the city one would guess that you get awesome Shusi everywhere.

But how good are Cape Town´s Sushi places really?

Which restaurant is Cape Town´s best Sushi restaurant?

A couple of day ago I asked the Cape Town Active Twitter followers @capetownactive about their favorite Sushi places and got quite a range of different recommendations and tips back.

Here a short overview of the Tweets that came in:

@rubyyogi: Osaka in Adelpi Centre. Very fresh, fast and super reasonable

@capetownphoto: my favorite is the new HarbourHouse restaurant at the V&A, the one which overlooks @sevrug

@stanleygabriel: fav sushi is willoughby’s and wakame. Beluga and sevruga also rock. #Cape_Town

@urbanjodi: the veg sushi at Saigon is the best – the meat-eaters get order envy, every time

Willoughby’s and Beluga were most recommended, but are these really the best ones?

I have opened this post to discuss with you the best Cape Town Sushi place in Cape Town a bit more in detail.

Please feel free to add a comment to this article and let us know about you recommendation and why you think your Cape Town Sushi tip is the best.

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