Bianca Wood Video filmed in Cape Town

Bianca Wood featuring Richard Stirton: 9 Crimes
Bianca Wood featuring Richard Stirton: 9 Crimes

Rice has been released this week by Bianca Wood featuring Richard Stirton. This is the second single from
Bianca Wood’s debut Album, Time.

Bianca and Richard share an authentic and intense passion for music and are hoping to bring out more duets in the future. This video was produced by One Shot
Sessions and filmed in Muizenberg and Observatory, Cape Town.

It was directed by Susanne Wessels. A unique, musical arrangement layered with intense harmonies
and supported by great production, renders this cover version of 9 Crimes unlike any
other. Richard Stirton is currently studying Bcom Management at UCT and recently started
gigging around Cape Town.

Stirton on working with Bianca: “It was her humility and modesty that made working with Bianca Wood such a pleasure. We rehearsed in a very relaxed environment. She had an open mind and a positive attitude and I never felt under any pressure when it came to delivering my part. Bianca has a way of making people believe in their abilities, and this was certainly the case when I worked
with her. I use the term working loosely as it was truly a hell of a lot of fun working with Bianca.”

New video release: Bianca Wood featuring Richard Stirton: 9 Crimes (Cover version)
Link to view video:

For more information contact Bianca Wood: 082 926 1222.

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