Blog Interview with Tracy McGregor

Tracy McGregor - Model
Tracy McGregor - Model

Today we had the pleasure to have a blog interview with Tracy McGregor. I guess you will know her, if not you might know the girl featuring the cover of the launch issue of Playboy magazine in SA. That was her 😉

Tracy started modelling at the age of 15 and even at that young age she was possessed of a superb body and has been a well-known swimwear and lingerie model ever since.

She has worked for many brands, she’s been a Cosmopolitan cover girl and after featuring on FHM covers several times, she was named SA’s 100 sexiest in 2008 and has been ranked on the magazine’s list every year since 2003.

Tracy will be one of the contestants on the upcoming eTV´s series “Tropika Island of Treasure”.

And here the interview…

Cape Town Active: Are you excited to be on Tropika Island?
Tracy: I’m super excited…

Cape Town Active:         Why do you think is Tropika Island of Treasure such a huge success.
Tracy: People get the opportunity to travel to beautiful places in the world where they stand a chance to win R1m…I think it pretty much speaks for itself.

Cape Town Active: So you know all of your fellow contestants?
Tracy: I’ve known Joelle for a while through the modelling industry and I got to meet all the other celebs at the media launch a while back. I can’t wait to meet the 7 lucky consumers who will be joining us though.

Cape Town Active: Anyone you like more than the other contestants?
Tracy: I can´t really say that I “prefer” anyone in particular. They all seem to be pretty cool so I think we’re gonna get along just fine.

Cape Town Active: Anyone you would like to vote out first?
Tracy:           You’ll have to wait and see about that one 🙂

Cape Town Active: The price is 1 Million Rand? I am sure you will try hard to win. If this is the case, what will you do with the money?
Tracy: I’m definitely going to try my hardest to win the R1m and when I do I think I’ll be totally irresponsible with half of it – you know the usual – shopping, a fabulous trip and more shopping 🙂 and then I’ll probably be really responsible with the other half and put it into my bond.

Cape Town Active: The island of treasure will be in Mexico. Have you been in Mexico before?
Tracy: I haven’t and I’ve really been wanting to go so I did a little happy dance when they told me where we were going.

Cape Town Active: Do you speak Spanish?
Tracy: I don’t…I’m gonna have to brush up on that.

Cape Town Active: What is you biggest fear while being on Tropika Island of Treasure?
Tracy: Being voted out hahaha…

Cape Town Active: What will you enjoy most?
Tracy: Winning!

Cape Town Active: What will you miss most while being on the Island?
Tracy: My man and my family as always when I travel.

Cape Town Active: You are always in good shape, but do you think you can be competitive enough to stand against all other contestants?
Tracy: Absolutely 🙂

Cape Town Active: Do you use Twitter, Facebook etc and do you have an own blog?
Tracy: I do have a Facebook page (Tracy McGregor) and I’m on Twitter @tracymcgregor

The Cape Town Active Blog says thanks and wishes good luck in Tropkia Island to Tracy McGregor.

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