Board Games Bringing Cape Town Together


With digital being the more popular platform with gamers currently, tabletop board games have lost their appeal. However, this is being slowly changed with board games being reintroduced into society by means of a funky café and some recent international brands bringing localised board games to the city.

The Big Box Board Game Café, brainchild of Eric and Emilie Breteau has taken Cape Town by storm by reviving the love for tabletop board games like Scrabble, MONOPOLY, Battleship and Chess etc. – the list could go on for pages.

“Board games are becoming more and more popular, we saw that in France and now in Cape Town since we opened The Big Box. It is quite often that parents tell us that board games are a nice way to take their kid’s focus off of their tablets and smartphones, and an “excuse” to bring together the whole family to share an activity together… Probably one of the reasons for the café’s success,” says Eric Breteau, owner of The Big Box.

The idea behind the opening of the café came about in 2009 when the couple ran ‘games nights’ in different venues around town. Soon enough, the duo decided to take a bold step and open their very own space – and The Big Box open its doors in June 2015.

“People of all ages come and enjoy the games at The Big Box Café, from kids (with their parents or their teachers) to students, group of adults and even grannies. It is interesting to see how board games can link generations,” says Breteau.

Breteau believes that the reason young and old enjoy coming to play a few games is because the café offers them the chance to play and try the games before they decide if they want to buy them. “You know exactly what you are buying and why you are buying it because you have already experienced how much fun it is and if that specific game suits the entire group or family.”

With the launch of the MONOPOLY Cape Town edition, Breteau says that it will definitely be an asset and will bring more and more people around the playing tables.

So with the holiday season around the corner, this could be a fun way to spend some quality time with your loved ones and start or finish old gaming scores.

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