Book Quick Guide – How to lose fat and shape your body

How to lose fat and shape your body
How to lose fat and shape your body

Book “Quick Guide – How to lose fat and shape your body”

My book is about losing body fat and transforming your body. It is a proven concept and worked very well for me and will work for you as well.

It is not a 300 page book that explains the whole human biochemistry and gives you hundreds of cooking recipes. It is not an book that shows you how to lose 25 pounds in 7 days.

There are a lot of ebooks on diet and fat loss on the Internet. And some of them are really good, some of them are crap, but most of the times they have too much information to deal with.

My book will give you the very basic rules and guidelines to reach your target in losing body fat, but maintain or even build up muscles. My book is easy and quick to read and to understand.

This book is written for the average person, that has an 8 hours job, family and other tasks to fullfill.

There are enough other books, that make losing fat and sticking to your diet an impossible mission, because it will take you more time or money then what you can invest.

The book is not full of scientific studies or complicated rules. It will show you in a simple and understandable language what will help you lose weight and become healthier.

An online forum and a blog provides you with the opportunity to discuss diet and training topics with other readers and the author.

Download a free chapter now: Download example chapter (PDF)

If you are seriously interested in changing your lifestyle and are willing to lose fat, you should try my book.

Start with a healthier lifestyle now!

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