Cape Quarter Lifestyle Village: Green Point Cape Town

Cape Town Cape Quarter
Cape Town Cape Quarter

If you are planning to visit Cape Town for your next holiday and want to visit a place where you can get the bird’s eye view about the cosmopolitan lifestyle of the Africa’s most happening city, then Cape Quarter Lifestyle Village is the ideal place for you.

Located on 27, Somerset Road, Green point in Cape Town, the place is an ideal place for perceptive people.

Besides, you and your family members can all stay at the same place and still enjoy everyone’s individual tastes as the Lifestyle Village provides all kind of lifestyle choices ranging from fine dining to home decor to beauty trends to designing options.

The latest extension of the village, the Square, is a place worth visiting with its sophisticated shops and state-of-the-art technology. Whether you want to spend some quality time with your family or are keen to buy some souvenirs for your nearest and dearest ones, the lifestyle village provides you with all kind of shopping facilities. You can choose either something indigenous made by the local artisans or you can buy any of the high end products from a vast range of items.

If you just want to relax, then Cape Quarter Lifestyle Village provides you ample choices. You can choose out of the seven restaurants the one which suits your culinary tastes and the one whose ambience appeals you most. Your wife or girlfriend can buy some of the trendiest clothes from the high end boutiques or can go for a spa and beauty session in the piazza while you can meander through the retail shops of latest gadgets and gizmos and pamper yourself with that latest iPod or something else of your choice.

Even if you belong to a hard core anti shopping campaign, a shopping experience in the alfresco environment of Cape Quarter Lifestyle Village compels you to do more shopping. Window shopping is also not a bad idea in this piazza, since you can have a look at the latest and trendiest of the things and then can enjoy a refreshing cup of coffee in the piazza itself. With all in all 120 retailers in the huge lifestyle village, certainly there is something for every person who steps in the village with enthusiasm and looks forward to buy something special and different.

Kids can also have lots of fun in the village since there are many fun activities and games for the various age groups and no matter what is the age of your kid, you can just let him play with the latest games and enjoy your time in the blissful environment of luxury and indulgence.

The village is dedicated to provide quality services to its customers who have distinguished tastes and who believe in living life king size.

This post was written by a guest contributor: Amanda Kidd is a blogger who is very fond of adventurous sports. She loves beaches and she has been into scuba diving since she was a teenager. When it comes to letting her hair down, a beach party is her favorite option. These days she is busy in writing on honeymoon planning and most expensive homes. Cape Town Active Blog says thanks for this guest article.


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