Cape Town Accommodation 101

Cape Town Accommodation 101
Cape Town Accommodation 101

Don’t get caught unprepared – Cape Town Accommodation 101

As we grow up, we find ourselves having friends in many different corners of the world – and even if we love Cape Town (and can’t imagine living anywhere else) some of our friends might not feel the same way and we can’t hold that against them (well, not for too long anyway).

So, with your friends being scattered far and wide, where will all these people stay when they decide to celebrate special occasions in Cape Town? And…who do you think they will ask for recommendations?

Cape Town is a very popular place for weddings, special celebrations, such as honeymoons, engagement parties (because that’s where your really cool friends are) or even 21st Birthday parties – As a Capetonian, I have been asked many a time, “Where is the best place to stay in Cape Town?” so, in order to help my fellow Capetonians answer this seemingly easy question, here are a few suggestions, which cover some of the top options out there.

For upmarket, fancy swanky and down right blingy accommodation, you will want to suggest The Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa, The One and Only, The Bay Hotel, The Hilton, The Crystal Towers Hotel and of course the Mount Nelson Hotel – yes, these may seem like obvious choices, but in the heat of the moment, they might not come to mind and you will be left suggesting nothing but the Holiday Inn.

Now, let’s get into those little places that some might know of, but few have been to. Upmarket, non-hotels, with a touch of elegance and pinch of eccentric flare, are the hidden gems of Cape Town when it comes to accommodation. The Grand Daddy Rooftop Trailer Park is one trailer park accommodation you will be proud to stay at. The retro Nu Rock Inn (with its hint of sports décor mixed with floral elegance) is perfect for those who want the ambiance of a hotel, but the comfort of a B&B.

The last “you must experience this” type of CT accommodation is the Overseers Cottage on Table Mountain – for an experience that no other accommodation offers, this humble, but gorgeous-looking cottage will, unfortunately, not make for a memorable weekend for any kind of occasion or celebration, because one has to hike up the mountain to get to it, but if you plan to stay in and celebrate in the mountains, then this would be rather splendid indeed.

For those friends who enjoy the backpackers experience, I would suggest the Amber Tree Lodge Backpackers  – here you can experience the communal feel of a backpackers (not an experience suited to everyone’s needs) as well as peace of mind that you won’t be exposed to nasty bathrooms and bug-infested mattresses.

So, there you have it (in a rather large nutshell), the best accommodation in Cape Town from swanky hotels and quirky spaces to an upmarket backpackers – you are now officially prepared to answer that question with confidence (and enthusiasm). Please add to this blog by suggesting your favourite accommodation spots in Cape Town.

This is a guest post by Klara Loots, founder of Lotus Media (and a proud Capetonian), is a freelance writer for CT Accommodation sites and Cape Town tourism sites.

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