Cape Town Active in full swing again

It has been a while. No blogpost for about 4 weeks. Sorry about this. But I had visitors and as you might know this is a real burden in Cape Town. You convert into a tourist guide and you life is upside down.

I basically was out every night for 3,5 weeks and as result I could not see any restaurant menus anymore. Nevertheless it would have been a good opportunity to write a restaurant and bar guide for Cape Town. I missed out this time. My bad..

So here are my apologies for being lazy with the blog.

But now the good news: Cape Town Active will be active again with more articles about Cape Town lifestyle (what else?), fitness, my weird comments and stories and fresh articles from more guest authors. How does this sound? Great!

Let´s start with some goodies. First of all I found a great Dance Mix for (cardio) workouts. It is the Top 50 Pop Party MixBy Dj Kosta. The mix is really good, new and old sounds mixed together. You can download it here.

Something news for all Cape Town News Freaks. Since a couple of days you can get  “The Cape Town Active Daily”, a automatically created e-newspaper with lots of news from my Twitter followers. Is is really good, and saying this: I have no influence in the content, but it is amazing what it does. Try it out here:

And lastly: I have started to read the new book from Tim Ferriss, The 4-Hour Body. The book is not available in South Africa yet, and also not officially available on Amazon as Kindle version, but I managed to get hold of it. There is a lot about weight and fat loss and muscle gain in it. And I will for sure try out some things. So stay tuned and see what my results will be.

And again I will keep you posted about my workouts and diet. For the latest news about health and fitness just follow me on Twitter at or for Cape Town News at

So lets the year begin 😉

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