Cape Town Electronic Music Meets Acoustic Guitar

Cape Town Electronic Music Meets Acoustic Guitar
Cape Town Electronic Music Meets Acoustic Guitar

Cape Town musician Matt Abbo is bringing electronic dance and acoustic guitar infused sound to small intimate events in and around Cape Town. Find out why you should catch his next performance.

Matt Aberdein moved to Cape Town from Durban at the age of 18 and has spent the last 8 years making the Cape his home. He started playing acoustic and electric guitar at the age of 16 when a broken back ( put an end to his rugby career, opening up a world of possibility. More recently, his love for the electronic sound drove him to learn to use music production software Ableton Live to integrate drums, basslines and piano melodies to create a fuller and far more dynamic sound than he could play live by himself.

“His sound is one that plays in the background as you relax with a pint or cocktail, engaging in conversation. Suddenly you notice that the beat has caught you and you find your head bobbing”

The live setup is simple. He has a laptop to play his pre-recorded backing track, a guitar for live riffs, and a microphone for the final layer of vocals.

Performances are a mixture of progressively evolving compositions aimed at taking the listeners on a journey. His album bears testament to this – a mixture of almost ambient drum and bass moves into house tracks and finally some upbeat break beat tracks complete the original sound. Included with these originals is a remix of a track by the local Cape Town band Bateleur, and a cover of the Angus & Julia Stone track “Devils Tears”.

If you would like to catch Matt Abbo live, his next gig will be at the Woodstock Co-Op, an intimate venue associated with wine, sushi and fine crafts.  Check the Facebook event:

If you’d like a free download of the album, head over to Bandcamp now:

Matt Aberdein
Musician, Writer and Product Manager

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