Cape Town for the Ladies

Cape Town Internships
Cape Town Internships

And why your internship will be an unforgettable experience.

I still remember my first days in Cape Town. The start of my long journey was a bit funny, I found myself with half of my luggage in front of friendly looking African guy at the airport who assured me ‘everything is gonna be allright, mam.’

I was a bit surprised when my suitcase was finally delivered and some important utensils were missing but hey…I learned quickly – TIA, THIS IS AFRICA.

The first days you don’t move around easily in Cape Town. It seems that all the news in Europe make Cape Town and then South Africa, in general, look like one of the most dangerous places to be at. It is important to be careful and cautious, but crime statistics result often in the high numbers of incidents in more dangerous suburbs outside of Cape Town.

Once you get there you will also realize, that Cape Town city center itself comprises of a small area where there are lots of activities happening during day and night, the tensed feeling you were experiencing at the beginning will be fading bit by bit. What you encounter after a while is a certain type of relaxedness, a good vibe mixed with the sun and an overall lifestyle you can find only in very few places on this planet.

My internship in Cape Town started in October and ended in March, which allowed me to experience a full season of summer and sunshine with not a single drop of rain.

Although there’s the Atlantic around, which does not really invite to splash in the warm water, there are spots not too far from Cape Town city Center where you will be able to handle the water. E.g. Muizenberg allows with small waves some first surfing lessons. To go out there with a board and make first attempts to stand on the board will give you the complete boast of happiness.

In the evening, Capetonians often invite for a party or braai, which is the South African way of BBQ and something absolutely special. The friendliness of the people and interest in your person is something you will take home and will never forget.

Cape Town itself has a fresh and creative vibe and center of activity. Because of a large field of tourism, marketing, film and media industry, a good variety of valuable internships can be offered which can be acquired through our internship placement agency. Because we found that women often have special needs and wishes, we are especially supporting them during their stay.

Because I worked here as an intern myself, this company was founded with the mission to find the most suitable internship for every intern coming to Cape Town and this does not only highlight the professional site, but rather individual needs when it comes to the whole stay.

Activities, accommodation and the vision of the company are always taken into consideration.

For those wanting to do a social year or helping others while taking some time off, volunteer work is always a great option.
Both, a business visa or a volunteer visa can be acquired in the home country. We gladly assist in all areas and are looking forward to hosting you in our beautiful Cape Town!

For any information please visit our website: or send us an email to We will gladly assist you.

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