Cape Town – it is hard to think of another city in Africa for kids delight

Cape Town – it is hard to think of another city in Africa for kids delight
Cape Town – it is hard to think of another city in Africa for kids delight

When planning your family holiday, it can be difficult to keep the kids entertained and find enjoyable activities for the entire group.

Nevertheless, regardless of the seasons, Cape Town is warm and pleasant. The city prides with amazing sights, activities, and places of interest that will delight your little ones.

Make sure to include Table Mountain Nation Park on your itinerary; the trip with the cable car will exceed all their expectations. Among several other kid-friendly things you can do with your family in Cape Town, we should also mention:

Cool Runnings
Runnings an exciting activity for the whole family and you can enjoy happy moments while outdoors. Cool Runnings at Toboggan Parkin particular, has a 1.25 km modern and well-maintained toboggan track that your kids will not stop talking about. It is safe and suitable for all ages, even for the smaller kids, who you can accompany on this exciting adventure. The older kids will have a blast riding the toboggan themselves and enjoy the adrenaline and sunlight.

West Coast Ostrich Ranch
If you didn’t have the chance to see the biggest bird on the planet up close yet, bring your kids to the West Coast Ostrich Ranch. You will learn a lot of interesting things about these feathered giants in a fun, educational guided tour. You can then feed the ostriches and even stand on one of their giant eggs, which will make awesome pictures for you to enjoy after the holiday. There is a special play area for the children and you can all relax and take a break at the ranch restaurant.

Art Jamming
For a family that loves art, being creative and trying new things, Art jamming is a perfect activity when visiting Cape Town. You and your kids can relax and paint together, a special bonding experience. You will have the assistance of qualified artists if you want to practice some techniques or get inspired, but the main idea is for you to let your creativity loose and choose your own colors and design. The paints are non-toxic, making art jamming a great kid-friendly activity.

Boulders Beach
Exploring Cape Town’s beaches will be a delight for all the members of the family and will give you the unique chance of seeing the African penguin colony, get close to them and even swim alongside these funny creatures. Your kids will get the chance to learn more about the local fauna, but make sure they don’t chase the penguins around – they will be so excited that it may happen.

Two Oceans Aquarium
This is a wonderful family location and another great chance of learning about the local animals and sealife. The Two Oceans Aquarium has huge tanks, home to a vast variety of species which can be observed closely. The Aquarium organizes a lot of children activities, like painting and sleep-overs, which will keep the kids occupied and happy.

Science Centre
The Science Centre offers an exciting and interesting experience for you and the little ones. They will be able to explore and experiment with many hands-on displays while learning cool things about science. The Science Centre allows the visitors to interact with the displays, making science more fun to learn and give inspirations to both adults and the little ones.

Planet Kids
What better name for a family-friendly location for your Cape Town holiday? Planet Kids will be the perfect place for your children to play, meet other kids their age and have interesting activities. The play center has an intergalactic ball wall, jumping castles, a slide and a dream swing outdoors and it organizes plenty of workshops and activities for the little ones. While your children have the best time of their life, you can have a stop at the Flying Saucer Cafe and enjoy a coffee while watching over them.

Enjoy the best of Cape Town with the kids, lodge at the best Cape Town villa, and spend the time of your lifetime exploring this wonder city. The attractions, amazing places of interest, and wilderness of the city will make sure that both you and your family will have memorable trip in South Africa’s stunning capital city.

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