Cape Town News – what happened this week?

Cape Town News
Cape Town News

That was a weird Cape Town week.

We had the hottest day of this summer so far. It had 38C on Wednesday and was hot hot hot and one day later only 22C and rain. It is really true Cape Town weather could be all 4 seasons in 24 hours.

And the the this poor guy that was eaten by a shark in Fish Hoek on Tuesday. The have not found the body yet and I guess the will not. One reason more beside of the cold water to go swimming in the ocean. I do not want to end as a meal for a big white…

How did you like this one? 2 car guards at the Table Mountain cableway station are now the proud drivers of a luxury car valued at R1.4 million – handed to them by a businessman who asked that they use it to perform good deeds because of a dream he’d had. Really true. And the best: They cut a hole in the hood of the R8 (Congo Style maybe) , so that people can throw food can in they like to donate. This is the most weird stories for ages. Read the full article here.

And yes: Tiger Woods is in Cape Town. The rumours says he had checked in into a private clinic for sex addiction. Guess the nurses there are ugly as hell. Poor Tiger. I mean this guys had everything and was a role model. And now this.. All the best for him and next time just be smart enough to not get caught 😉

Let me know what your highlight of this week was. Please feel free to comment.

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