Cape Town: One million rand up for local schools and charities

Twister Cape TownTwister Lifestyle South Africa is a new innovative concept offering local Cape Town Charities and Schools in the Western Cape a chance to raise funds for their own fundraising initiative with the potential opportunity of gaining one million rand for their own fundraising drive.

“Twister” is not a totally new concept but it has unique “twists”. Founder, Cheryl Nesbitt first discovered the concept working successfully in Christchurch, New Zealand, a city of only 300,000 people.

She was instantly blown away by the simplicity of the model and wondered why it had never been developed in South Africa. On her return, her research began in earnest and Nesbitt discovered that the concept had most certainly been done locally but not to the scale that she had seen in Christchurch. The “Twister” concept consists of both a printed glossy, 300 page book, for ease of reference and because not everyone is ready for a totally web based product as well as “Twister” online, a website offering hundreds of specials a discounts to its members.

Schools, Charities, and Fundraising Organisations namely “My Community” who sell the Twister Lifestyle Book, will receive R50 for every book that is sold. This is new way of raising money for schools/charities.

The parent or family friend not only helps raise money for the school by purchasing this book, but also receives a book valued at more than R30 000 of discounts and special offers for only R350.  Categories of suppliers in this book include:  Wining and Dining; Mind, Body and Soul; Get Away; Fun and Leisure; Products and Services; Night life and Fun for Free.

The Twister Lifestyle Book and Online Coupons target a very broad market segment with something to suit everyone and a deal for every pocket – from grandparents and parents to teenagers and young children as well as the domestic worker allowing for value add coupons to be happily shared by all members of the family.

To find out more information, about how you can become part of the “Twister My Community”, email or call on 0861 335229.

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