Personal Training with Electro Muscle Stimulation in Cape Town

Personal Training Cape Town at BodytecMany people end long days at their desks with back pain and use short term solutions to treat the symptoms.

The long term solution is to treat the causes of bad posture, muscular imbalance and weak skeletal muscles. To live free of back pain, it is important to build strong core muscles to stabilise your spine.

BODYTEC is the first micro studio in South Africa to offer electro muscle stimulation training for core muscles.

The EMS technology is a long standing concept. First tests with muscle stimulations were already made in 1902.

In the past 60 years EMS was mainly used in therapy for the treatment and rehabilitation of muscle atrophy and muscle imbalance and in professional sports to improve performance.

Training with electro muscular stimulation these days is a popular and proven training method which enjoys growing popularity all over the world.

South Africa’s first BODYTEC studio is in the Spearhead building at 42 Hans Strydom Avenue on the Foreshore in Cape Town. BODYTEC will be opening more studio’s in Cape Town and Johannesburg in the next couple of months.

For more details visit, or call 021 418 1523 for an appointment. Booking is essential.

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