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Cape Town - Don´t drive drunk
Cape Town - Don´t drive drunk

You might have heard on the radio about the Cape Town drink and drive campaign.

I am wondering how many people drive under the influence of alcohol and/or other drugs, beside of speeding.

It seems that they catch every weekend quite a number of party people that drive drunk and risk their and the life of others.

Sure we all like to have a glas of beer or wine and maybe more. So what is the solution? Taxis are expensive, rare and might be even dangerous..

I got this offer from Riaan Honiball today via email and it is an option.

They fetch you and your car and bring you home. Benefit here: You do not need to leave your car behind and will find it in your garage in the next morning, where it belong. So you can enjoy you hang-over without the headache not knowing
where your car is 😉

And here the best: For all reader of the Cape Town Active Blog Riaan offers a special in September and October. Just tell him that you come from Cape Town Active.

He is offering a 10% discount for September and October to people in Cape Town. Membership is @520 per year and as a member you pay R9.00 per km and no pick up fee until 02h00 the service runs in all areas of cape town. He will also give a discount on the membership off 25% as a member you don’t pay if you don’t use like other companies. You can use service as much as you like in a month. Call Riaan Honiball at 0714167848 for more info.

Cape Town Active Blog says: “Don´t drive drunk”

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