Cape Town: “The Perfect Model” in the Mother City

Cape Town The Perfect Model
Cape Town The Perfect Model

Yet again South Africa is put on the map as the destination for the fashionable and stylish!

This Tuesday, the 14th of February, Cape Town will be featured as a host to the new reality model casting show “Das Perfect Model” (The Perfect Model). This will be the show’s third episode and will show 20 remaining contestants split into two groups with half going to New York and the other half to Cape Town.

Eva Padberg, a top international German model, is a judge on this hit TV series and accompanies the girls to the Mother City. Here they are faced with various challenges in their competition to be the “Perfect Model”.

The production of this episode took place last year between 4 and 12 December. Supporting the Vox Production team was M&M Solutions, a Cape Town based Destination Management Company (DMC). They assisted in location scouting, clothing design, storyboard creation, accommodation, catering and other event management activities. This was not a new experience to the DMC. In 2010 they supported the production of “Germany’s Next Top Model” (Season 5 episode 4) which too resulted in a successful project.

M&M Solutions Director, Craig Marshall, believes that projects such as these are an excellent way of showcasing what our country has to offer. Many people may still be unaware of our country’s offerings and many of these people may be watching this show. In a sense this is an excellent use of product placement. Viewers uncover Cape Town’s offerings without any travel advertisements. Furthermore, the fact that the shows entail young, beautiful women and celebrities, the viewer learns to associate Cape Town with the young, beautiful and famous. This will attract far more young and trendy travellers.

What do you think about Cape Town The Perfect Modell?

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