Cape Town Twitter Hashtags

My colleague Klaus from CapeCoders Social Media ( found and posted an interesting article about Cape Town Twitter hashtags # .

I like the idea to bring Cape Town Twitter users together and get more Cape Town specific info quickly with these hastags.

Here the list. Please feel to use them and see who else uses them:

#capenews » share and discuss Cape Town and South Africa related news
#capetraffic » Let’s talk about traffic in Cape Town
#capeweather » How is weather today?
#capeadvice » Ask questions and get advice. Don’t forget to give something back and give advice, too!
#capeevent » What’s going on today?!
#capemidnite » Unique wisdom of followers (not quoting anyone else) send at 00:00
#capecasual » To promote job creation
#capelove » Tell your followers why you love Cape Town
#capeshoot » Share Cape Town related photos and video clips
#capeopinion » Want to let Capetonians know what you think? Want to know the others opinion?
#atcapetown » In reference to the website
#capewelcome » For visitors to Cape Town
#capefollowers » Reach all the followers of @CapeTown
#capeblogs » Reach bloggers in Cape Town

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