The best cycling routes in Cape Town and surrounds

Cycling has fast become the most popular sport in Cape Town. Be it for professional or enjoyment purposes, this enduring sport can take place on the road or on a mountain anywhere in Cape Town. Depending on your cycling preference (road or trail), you can complete these routes at your own pace, overlooking some of the most beautiful and scenic attractions in the Mother City. Some of these trails require more strength, while others are relaxing and free-flowing. If you enjoy breaking out into a sweat, socialising with like-minded cycling enthusiasts and cruising through nature, you’ll have a ball.

If anything, it’s an opportunity for you to swap out your vehicle for the day and cycle through the city and surrounding areas for the enjoyment of it. Here are a few incredible routes to consider on your next cycle: Read more The best cycling routes in Cape Town and surrounds

Ruck & Roll at the 10th #Zando10s

The Zando Cape Town 10s hits double digits!

(South Africa, 10 November 2017) One of the world’s biggest and most popular social sport and entertainment festivals, the Zando Cape Town 10s, will be celebrating its 10th anniversary in February 2018! Tickets will be available from today and are expected to sell out in record time.

The 10th annual event will return to Hamilton Rugby Club from 2 to 3 February 2018, featuring a winning blend of the tried and tested sporting disciplines plus four exciting new sporting codes. All will be in the presence of the world’s biggest sporting legends, with the backdrop of an iconic host city. This celebratory year is set to attract old and new fans to the event that has captured the hearts and spirit of our sports-mad nation since 2009.

The internationally acclaimed event and winner of the Discovery Sports Industry Award for Best Live Experience in 2016 will feature a staggering 8 different sporting codes including rugby, netball, dodgeball, beach volleyball as well as the newly introduced sports of 5 aside soccer and hockey, the ‘Run the 10s’ fun run and a unique fitness event. Read more Ruck & Roll at the 10th #Zando10s

Tips for driving around cyclists

Cycling in Cape Town has become the new norm, especially with the Cape Town Cycle Tour coming up soon, however, in the midst of this cycling revolution, driving a car still is the most realistic form of transport to get in and out of the city.

With so many more bicycles on the road, this does not mean that cyclists should be pushed onto sidewalks and ignored. They also need to follow the road rules just as much as vehicle drivers do, but vehicle drivers need to be a lot more aware and alert than ever before.

If you are mindful in your approach to sharing the road, then there is no reason why both vehicles can’t ride, safely, in the same space. In order to share the road, you need to follow these few steps: Read more Tips for driving around cyclists

Extreme Openwater and Ice Swimmer Ryan Stramrood takes up the Torpedo challenge

Entries are still open for the second Torpedo SwimRun, which takes place on 19 November in Cape Town. Extreme open water and ice swimmer Ryan Stramrood has entered the race with fellow extreme swimmer Mark de Klerk as his teammate. Ryan has never worn a wetsuit for open water swimming before, and he does not own a pair of running shoes, but has decided to step far out of his comfort zone to take up the challenge.

The Torpedo SwimRun is a two-person team race where teams swim and run together from start to finish across Cape Town’s most iconic beaches and bays, with Llandudno, Oudekraal, Camps Bay and Clifton forming part of the 16km route. Read more Extreme Openwater and Ice Swimmer Ryan Stramrood takes up the Torpedo challenge

Skin Remedies for Summer 2017

Summer tends to be the most expensive season of the year, especially when you’re getting out and about daily. The costs for summer vacations, summer camps and swimming pool fees can quickly add up. However, many people neglect one of the most important expenses of the summer: sun protection. While you have fun outside on beautiful, sunny summer days, the sun’s ultraviolet rays damage your skin, causing sunburn, unsightly sunspots and wrinkles.

From kayaking and surfing to playing volleyball and tanning on the beach, summer is always fun. Here are eight ways to take care of your skin and enjoy your summer vacation. Read more Skin Remedies for Summer 2017

Lindy Hop / Swing Dancing – What it is and why it’s the missing part of your fitness routine?

Lindy hop is a dance style that developed alongside the big band jazz music of the Swing Era. It
originated in the Afro American communities of Harlem, New York and became wildly popular in the

Lindy was a fusion of many dances that preceded it or were popular during its development but is
mainly based on jazz, tap, breakaway, and Charleston.

The music has its roots in African rhythms, and came full circle to South Africa in the 1930s, with
Sophiatown becoming known as Little Harlem for its Savoy-style music and dancing. A thriving swing
dancing scene has been growing in Cape Town since 2012.

Lindy hop re-emerged in the 1990s as people saw vintage footage of the dance, and the craze spread
to the US and Europe and is now re-sprouting its roots worldwide. Read more Lindy Hop / Swing Dancing – What it is and why it’s the missing part of your fitness routine?