Celebrate Easter with Colourful Bunnies from Chocolat Frey

Celebrate Easter with Colourful Bunnies from Chocolat FreyChocolat Frey, Switzerland’s Number 1 and most loved chocolate, is offering us something unique and extra tasty this Easter season. Meet Sunny, Lucky and Funny; charming, versatile and delectable chocolate Easter bunnies. These cute treats are sure to add that extra bit of fun, playfulness and splashes of colour to your Easter time festivities.


What makes these bunnies extra special is that each colour is a unique character too. Adorable Sunny (pink) is the optimist of the three. Lucky (green) is the irresistibly happy one, while Funny (blue) has the greatest sense of humour. Make your loved ones day by spoiling them with the Chocolat Frey Easter bunny which suits them best; and for the kids, let them choose their favourite colour. There is also no harm in treating yourself to one or a few.

Let Chocolat Frey add some cheer to your Easter season with these fun, colourful and playful bunnies. Place them on your Easter table, into your Easter nests; or add them as part of your Easter treasure hunt for the kids. These bunnies are available at major retailers nationwide, comes in two different sizes; 55g and 170g and has a recommended Retail price of R39.99 and R79.99.

Chocolat Frey was founded by brothers Robert and Max Frey in 1887 and their passion for the finest chocolate products still lives on and is expressed in every single product from Chocolat Frey. Made with only the finest Swiss milk and sugar; let Frey make this Easter tide extra special.

Today Chocolat Frey AG is the largest chocolate manufacturer in Switzerland with more than 800 employees and an annual production of around 42,000 tonnes of chocolate.   The countries that grow the cocoa for Chocolat Frey have also benefitted from the brand’s success because Chocolat Frey has implemented fair working conditions and training programmes for them.

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