Charley Boorman in Cape Town

httpv:// You might have heard about Charley Boorman. He is the guy who traveled with Ewan McGregor on Long Way round and Lond Way down.

Charley started as an actor and is nowadays a adventurer, travel writer and actor. (Charley: Correct me if I am wrong).

His latest adventure has taken him recently to Cape Town and he stayed overnight in Masiphumelele near Kommetjie.

Check out the video. He is still somewhere in South Africa and will head back to Cape Town soon. You can follow his trip
on his travel blog at

In August / Sept 2012 he will ride from Cape Town to Victoria Falls and onward into east Africa, Malawi, Mozambique and SA.

And now the crazy story: My girlfriend and I will do the same route at the same time. So we will call our trip “Chasing Charley with a Landcruiser“. LOL.

Visit Charley’s website at or follow at Twitter @Extremefrontier and @charleyboorman

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