Chest training for more mass


I must apologize for not posting in the lasts days. I was busy setting up the new blog design. Hope you like it.

Two days ago I did my leg training. Remember I am on my way to press 180kg / 400lbs Barbell Squat. This time I was able to put on 10kg and the training went much smoother than in the week before. Again it will be a long tough road before I do the 180kgs, but it will happen 😉

Today I started with a light chest training routine and added a biceps workout afterwards.

Here the programme:

5 x 8-10 incline bench press, 4 x 10 pull overs, 4 x 8 flying. As said light an easy.

I will go more in detail, when having a more existing training. My bodyweight is still increasing. I am not around 92kg and maintain about 18% body fat. I am using Whey Proteine and Creatine as supplements. Beside of this I generally stick to my diet as discribed in my book.

I found a very interesting article on the web on

A Beginner’s Shopping List: Quality Food For The Best Results!

Read it. I can not more agree of what they are writining.

Tomorrow I will post another motivational video for you guys.

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