Conquering As One with the Absa Cape Epic-A decade of helping people achieve their ambitions

Conquering As One with the Absa Cape Epic

A decade of helping people achieve their ambitions

Between the gasps of air and the gruelling mountainous terrain, the Absa Cape Epic has earned its rightful place as one of the most exhilarating life-changing mountain-bike races in the world. Many come from near and far to witness this majestic race, either to support their significant others or as part of the cheering local communities to exuberantly coax the determined riders all the way to the Grand Finale.

Absa Cape Epic
Absa Cape Epic

Tales of conquest and “near-death” experiences, each wilder than the one before, marks the general atmosphere within the Absa Cape Epic race village year after year for many amateur and professional riders.

Strongly woven into the rich tapestry of the race, is a ten year partnership between banking giant  Absa and the race organisers – an epic in its own right as this deep-rooted relationship has helped make the Absa Cape Epic what it is today.

Like the riders, Absa and the Cape Epic are partners that have found common ground in mountain biking and a relationship that is strengthened by unfailing commitment, passion and dedication. Together, we have crossed many finish lines side by side, Conquering as One.

For the past decade, Absa has succeeded in helping many of its clients achieve their greatest ambitions in the right way, the Absa Pride programme being a prime example. The Absa Pride is the collective name for all Absa-invited riders and clients participating in the Absa Cape Epic. The idea in creating the Pride was to establish a bespoke and unforgettable experience for riders in the lead up to – and during the various race stages.

In addition, the race not only puts a spotlight on the Western Cape in hosting the biggest and most successful mountain bike race in the world, but also helps build communities. The Absa Cape Epic also empowers many local families and businesses so that they too are enabled to Conquer as One.

The race continues to help communities – the youth in particular – to open new opportunities, thereby gaining insights and experience to overcome life’s challenges and carve their own futures. During this year’s race, for example, Absa and its partners will provide skills and employability training to  six youngsters in various roles ranging from event operations to working alongside SA’s leading mechanics.

In addition, 15 Absa employees will be tackling the race this year, the 10th anniversary of the bank’s sponsorship of the Absa Cape Epic. To celebrate this milestone, the 15 Absa riders have challenged their colleagues to support them in their endeavour to conquer one of the toughest mountain-bike races in the world – and simultaneously volunteer their time towards empowering our country’s youth through various initiatives supported by Absa. Support us by supporting our youth has become the Absa riders’ rallying call to their colleagues.

It’s certainly evident that everyone has their own story of how they overcame their Epic race, but what we know for sure through our experience over the past ten years, is that it all starts with you and your partner digging deep to scale the heights of greatness together.

Being part of a race that challenges riders to discover their limits…and then go above and beyond them has been a phenomenal privilege for the Absa team over the last decade.

We’d like to thank everyone who has undertaken this epic journey with us – with pride, with single-minded purpose, with the dogged commitment to leave things better by using their potential to accelerate our continued success.

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