Could You Quit The Internet?

I found an interesting post today with the question “Could You Quit The Internet?” and I would like to share this idea with you.

I am an Internet addict and usually 9 and more hours online per day. Beside of this my Blackberry keeps me connected with Twitter, Facebook and Email. My daily tasklist is managed by, my files are in the cloud with, Tweetdeck manages my Social Media profiles, I am reading my Read It Later bookmarks on a Android tablet PC and my RSS newsreader has more then 100 sources… That sounds serious or not?

I have to admit that  the Internet pays my salary since almost 15 years. So it would be a bit difficult to quit and I like it. But what would happen if I would decide to quit or the Internet would simply collapse and not be there anymore? What would happen to me, to you, to the world.

Maybe we should start a bit smaller. Do you stop using the Internet once you left the office for the day or do you use it privately? What do you do on the web? Would it change your daily life if you just would quit your private Internet usage? Just stopping Twitter, Facebook or any other social media platform?

Would you lose contact to your friend and familiy? Would you lose out in any other field? Do you need to stay informed via the Internet?

Here are my questions:

Why would you want to quit and what would happen to you?

Let me know your opinion here…. (scroll down for the comments form)


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