Crowdfunding platform available to charities for fundraising

Raise fund for Charities & NGO with
Raise fund for Charities & NGO with provides charities with their first opportunity to raise funds via its ground breaking crowdfunding platform.

The online platform provides charities with a new route to raise money via T-Shirt campaigns as well as a great platform for raising awareness or just lifting spirits.

The innovative online fundraising website ( further provides the charity no risk in their fund raising efforts as access is free of charge and all profits go to the good cause.

Because of Design4T’s risk-free platform, charities from across South Africa are now able to safely raise funds while rewarding their contributors with something useful: a T-Shirt they actually enjoy wearing.

Design4T’s co-founder & director, Claus Lauter states:- “Design4T loves to help charities. Most traditional types of fundraising require charities to buy inventory in advance. If a certain amount of inventory isn’t sold, then the fundraising campaign can actually lose money. That’s why we believe in risk-free fundraising.”

Design4T lets users easily start an online fund-raising T-Shirt campaign for whatever cause is important to them. Some examples for what funding organisations use Design4T are: Non-profits, Churches, Women’s Shelters, Animal Rescues and Shelters, Fund-raising Walks and 5ks, Local Public Schools, Housing Organizations, Dog Parks and many others.

Claus goes on to say -;Our platform is 100% user friendly, in just a few minutes users can be sharing their customized page with their supporters to raise money and awareness — all totally free and with zero risk or commitment.”

Importantly all profits are sent directly to the charity and NOT to the individual. Supporters can be therefore be reassured that their contribution is going to the cause they wish to support. With no hidden fees, transparency and no risk it’s a win win for both the charity and their supporters.

Design4T provides more information on their website at

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