Dark energy in Cape Town!?

Dark Energy in Cape Town
Dark Energy in Cape Town

If you think dark energy is another load-shedding schedule initiated by Eskom, you might be wrong. Also it is not a black energy drink? So what is it?

I got this press release today and actually I think it might be quite interesting if you are interested in stars, the galaxy and physics and what South Africa has to do with it. So I am sharing the info with you:

Why are the galaxies flying apart faster and faster? What is the role of the little-understood and mysterious field known as ‘Dark Energy’ in the acceleration of the universe? What are some of the questions raised by the acceleration of the Universe?

How can Square Kilometre Array (SKA), a massive collection of radio telescopes that will be built in Africa and Australia in the coming decade, assist physicists to answer these questions and help unravel the puzzle of Dark Energy?

This fascinating lecture is open for the public to attend at no cost.

Venue: iThemba LABS, Old Cape Road, Faure
Date & time: 1 August 2012, 18h00 – 19h00, with the possibility of stargazing (weather permitting)
RSVP: Dr Gillian Arendse
Tel: 021 843 1000 or e-mail: gja@tlabs.ac.za

About the presenter:
Prof Maartens is the appointed SKA Research Chair in the Astrophysics Group at the University of the Western
Cape. He returned home to South Africa from England, where he was director of one of the UK’s top cosmology research groups. Prof Maartens is an expert in building theoretical models of dark energy and testing them against observations.

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