Digby and the Lullaby upcoming show in Cape Town

Digby and the Lullaby upcoming show in Cape Town
Digby and the Lullaby upcoming show in Cape Town

There is something undeniably captivating about Digby and the Lullaby. Perhaps it’s their introspective honesty and uncomplicated melodies. Or perhaps it’s the fact that their journey as a singer-songwriter duo swept them off their own feet and down the aisle. Most fans and critics, however, think it’s simply that these two complement each other perfectly.

Rouchelle Hubsch (on piano and lead vocals), and Darren Peens (on guitar and backing vocals) have cast their indie-folk spell on mesmerized audiences from Cape Town to New York.

Their debut album ‘The Somewhere Wind’ is an independently funded labour of love that took two years to make. Produced in New York by Kieran Kelly, the album features world renowned musicians Rob Calder on bass and Mason Ingram on drums, delicate string arrangements, and South Africa’s own Farryl Purkiss on backing vocals on the track ‘Sweet Starry Night’.
“We wanted to make good art,” says Darren. “We wanted to create something that was beautiful.” Rouchelle adds, “It’s an honest album, both sonically and lyrically. We really opened ourselves up and laid our souls bare in a journey that became us, became this album.”

Digby and the Lullaby have a flair for intimate performances, and single out the theatre as their favourite venue to play. “Theatres are irresistible” says Rouchelle. “It makes our connection with the audience so real and tangible.”

Upcoming Shows:

Fans and indie/folk lovers will be happy to hear that Digby and the Lullaby will be on the road to introduce the album in November.  The Somewhere Wind Tour will travel to Cape Town, Durban, PE and Jeffreysbay.

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